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The Legend of Pagan Dynasty (800 A.D – 1100 A.D)

Over 1000 years ago, the current south-east Asia countries haven’t come to exist yet. The land is primarily influenced by the 3 great civilizations, Indian Civilization, Chinese Civilization and Khmer Civilization. The land is divided into different regional powers, trying to conquer each other to unify the first great kingdom.

On the north-east mountains, there are Shan People, closely related to Tai People – the descendents of which are Thai and Lao People. They have their self-sufficient power and culture to sustain their status in the chaotic world.

In the central plain, on the east bank of Irrawady River, there are the newly migrated people from the North. In fact, they are the descendents of Tibeto-Burman group. Their migration is primarily due to the constant invasion of Nanzhao into their home-lands. In fact, it is their second wave of migration just in time to replace the declination of their fore-fathers’ settlements along the Irrawady River. However, compared to their early migrated ancestors, Pyu People, they are still barbaric and aggressive in nature. Yet, confident in their military power and their robust physical strength, they seem ready to face the chaotic world.

In the south are the people of Golden Land (Suvenabumi). In fact, they are the part of great regional civilization, Mon-Khmer Civilization. Although these people of Mon-Khmer group are enjoying great wealth and culture , they still have a constant worry from the invasion of Khmer Empire from the east. However, they do not notice the new threat from the North, the Pagan People.

In the west, there exists the land of Arakanese. Although their origin is still controversial, there is no doubt that they are the people of high culture and wealth. Separated from the mainland by the mountain ranges, the region is prospering peacefully without the influence of chaotic main-land. However, will the natural fortress be strong enough to prevent the threats to the peace and prosperity of the region?

According to the history, it was the Pagan people who first united the land by conquering other regional powers. However, now is the chance to re-write the history! In the Legend of Pagan Dynasty Game, the individual player can choose different regional kingdom to battle against other players to become the Legend of First Ancient Dynasty.

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