Arakan Kingdom

History of Arakan Kingdom

According to the legend, the history of Arakan (Rakhaing) Kingdom can be traced back to as early as 3325 B.C. The first Arakan Kingdom was founded in 3325 B.C by King Marayu. However, the first hisotrical Arakan Kingdom, Danyawadi (Dannavati), began in early 300 A.D.

The land of the people of Rakhasa (Rakhasa; Rakkha; Rakkhaing; Rakhaing) who were given this name in honor of their preservation of their national heritage and ethics or morality.


Capital of Arakan Kingdom

Danyawadi (Dannavati), the capital of Arakan Kingdom, is located in the northern part of Arakan Coast, a few miles away from the Bay of Bengal. Separated from the central plain, the city is isolated from the chaotic world of warring kingdoms.


Civilization and Culture
Although the origin of Arakan Kingdom is controversial, the kingdom is of high culture and wealth. The religion is also influenced by the Indian Civilization, and Buddhism has also been introduced to the kingdom.