Assam Kingdom

History of Assam Kingdom

The kingdom of Assam was ruled by powerful dynasties from 350 BC to early 1300 AD. The first kingdom was ruled by the Varmanas (350 BC – 650 AD), followed by Salstambhas (655 AD – 900 AD). Later the kingdom was reigned by the Ahoms, a Tai ethic tribe, for nearly 600 years. In 1581 AD, the Koch, a Tibeto-Burmese tribe, established sovereignty.


Capital of Assam Kingdom

Located among the hills and mountains, Kamarupa, the capital of Assam Kingdom, is famous for its beauty. It is also known as the land of green valleys and blue hills.



Civilization and Culture
Although small, the kingdom of Assam has the diverse cultures, due to the exposure to different tribes and cultures, ranging from Indo-Aryan to Tibeto-Burmese. Aside from its beautiful land, Assam is also famous for its ‘Mosaic of Cultures’.