Hsipaw Kingdom

History of Hsipaw Kingdom

The kingdom of Hsipaw is the one of the powerful Shan Kingdoms, located on the northeast of Shan Hills. Shan people, the decedents of Tai-Shan, are believed to migrate from the Yunnan province in China, although the exact period of migration is not known yet. However, the migration of Tai people was indeed as far and wide as Tibeto-Burmese people. Historical records indicated that the Ahoms Dynasty in the kingdom of Assam was also established by the Tai people.


Capital of Hsipaw Kingdom

Located in the valley of blue mountain ranges, the capital of Hsipaw kingdom is not only beautiful but also rich in natural resources. There are mines of gold and jewels which make the kingdom richer.



Civilization and Culture
Close to China, the culture of Hispaw kingdom is highly influenced by Chinese civilization. However, the influence of Indian culture is as huge as that of Chinese, especially when it comes to religion and philosophy.