Pegu Kingdom

History of Pegu Kingdom

According to the legend, two Mon princesses from Suvenabumi founded kingdom of Pegu in 573 AD. In the early 1050s AD, the kingdom was invaded by the Khmer Empire, but the invasion was successfully thwarted with the military aid from the Pagan Kingdom. However, it was finally captured by the Pagan Kingdom along with the Suvenabumi Kingdom in 1057 AD.


Capital of Pegu Kingdom

Located on the delta region of Irrawaddy River, Ussa, the capital of Pegu Kingdom, is blessed with the fertile land for agriculture. In addition, the kingdom is on the trade route to the southern India and Sri Lanka. Ussa (Pegu) is also famous for its another name, Hansavati, as its legend is associated with the story of two golden sheldrakes sitting, female on top of male, on a peak of land protruding out of the sea just enough for a bird’s perch.



Civilization and Culture
Along with Suvenabumi Kingdom, the Kingdom of Pegu inherited the great culture and wealth of Mon-Khmer civilization. However, compared to Suvenabumi, the cultural center of the Mon Kingdoms, it only plays the second role.