SriKsetra Kingdom

History of Sri Ksetra Kingdom

One of the Pyu city states, founded in as early as 2nd Century B.C. Along with other Pyu City States, such as Ta Gaung, Han Lin and Biekthano, Sri Ksetra Kingdom has grown into a rich kingdom and established the golden era of Pyu cities, also known as Pyu Millennium.

However, due to the repeated invasion of Nanzhao, Pyu cities became weak, and finally replaced by the newly migrated Pagan people by the end of 11th Century A.D.


Capital of Sri Ksetra Kingdom

The city was founded around 5th Century A.D, and it has become the biggest and richest of all Pyu city states. Located on the east bank of Irrawady River, the city is on the trade routes to India and China.



Civilization and Culture
Pyu Culture is highly influenced by trade with India. Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as architectural and political concepts, is imported. In fact, Pyu lays the cultural foundation for their newly migrated descendents, the Pagan people.