Yawnghwe Kingdom

History of Yawnghwe Kingdom

The kingdom of Yawnghwe is another powerful Shan kingdom, located in the south of Shan Hills. Although the exact date of the establishment of the kingdom is unknown, it is believed to be founded in early 10th Century AD.

In the Inn Lay lake, there are villages of Tibeto-Burmese people, who are believed to settle down in the Shan Hills while migrating from Nanzhao to the Irrawaddy Valley.


Capital of Yawnghwe Kingdom

Close to the famous Inn Lay lake, the city of Yawnghwe enjoys great peace and prosperity.



Civilization and Culture
Compared to other Shan Kingdoms, the culture of Yanwghwe kingdom is more diversed and mixed with other tribal cultures, related to Tibeto-Burmese and Mon-Khmer cultures.