A finite world can support only a finite population; therefore, population growth must eventually equal zero.

-Garrett Hardin



In the Legend of Pagan Dynasty Game, the population is the most important of all. In fact, without population, the Kingdom and the King would be meaningless.

Therefore, as a strategist, the player has to do whatever it takes to make the people of his kingdom happy and prosper.

The population rate is influenced by various factors. The most important factor is the food sources. The more food sources a region has, the more population rate will increase and vice versa. In addition to the food sources, the population rate is also influenced by the Loyalty. Also, some infrastructures can increase the population rate, such as Capitol.


Division of Labor

In the Legend of Pagan Dynasty Game, the total populace of the region is divided into four different categories: farmers, workers, solders and monks.

  • Farmers are the primary provider of food sources to increase the population.
  • Workers produce other resources important for training military units and building infrastructures.
  • Soldiers are the basis for military units to defend and attack the territories.
  • Monks increases the loyalty and happiness of the people.

Actually, the division of labor is the one of the challenging tasks of Legend of Pagan Dynasty Game. Too few farmers will reduce the population rate. At the same time, too few workers can result in lack of resources, and too few soldiers can lead the kingdom to lack of defense from foreign invasions.