Provinces and Cities

Glean from rich fields, and the armies will have enough to eat. Take care of your health and avoid stress, consolidate your energy and build up your strength.

-Sun Tzu (6th BCE)



In the Legend of Pagan Dynasty Game, a province belongs to a kingdom. However, each province has to be managed separately.

Strategically, provinces are of primary importance. They not only provide the base for military units but also contribute to the prosperity of the kingdom. The prosperity of a province can be measured in three factors: the population of the province, the resources and finally the infrastructure.



In the Legend of Pagan Dynasty Game, each province has its own capital. The capital of the province is essential to the kingdom for various reasons. First of all, the capital determines the population capacity of the province. Second, the capital provide additional defense points to the province which make more difficult for other players to invade. Finally, the capital can provide the infrastructure by enabling different buildings to be built.

City Level Defense Population Limit
Village 5000 5000 People
Town 10000 50000 People
City 100000 500000 People