Victory and Defeat

A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of a great nation requires reflection, as well as observation, to appreciate it.

-Frederick Douglass



Congratulations! You have successfully united all the region powers to establish the first dynasty of Myanmar. However, in reality, conquering just with might and force cannot actually establish a great nation. Many sacrifices, blood and sweat, along with the strong belief and determination, are inevitable to the road to the great nation.

In the Legend of Pagan Dynasty Game, there is only one condition to victory: to conqueror all the land in the game.



You may have lost the war. However, it is not the end. You have become a part of greater power, who will pave the road to the greater nation. After all, all empires, kingdoms and super-powers rose and fell; they united and they fell apart. There are times when a nation rises; there are times when a nation falls.

In the Legend of Pagan Dynasty Game, there are three conditions to losing the game. When all the provinces of a player are captured by other players, he will lose the game. Also, when the total population become zero due to the mismanagement, the player will lose the game. And finally, when the player quits the game, he will lose the game.



Although the Legend of Pagan Dynasty game is based the ancient Myanmar to get a glimpse of the birth of a nation, the concept of a nation has not come into existence until the Konbaung Dynasty. Throughout the history of Myanmar, when a certain tribal group had gained power to conquer over other regional powers, then a new dynasty was established. However, all the rise and fall, wax and wane of the country are passed down from generations to generations through the history. We just hope that the game gives some enjoyment to look back into the legend of an ancient kingdom of Myanmar.