How to configure Game Server

How to configure Game Server

LPD is intended to be played for both LAN and Internet Game Environment. Therefore, the game organizer has to configure different settings for LAN and Internet.


Game Server Configuration for the Internet


Internet Configuration Steps

For Internet Game Server Configuration, the player has to follow the following steps:

  • Port Forwarding
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Public IP Address Acquisition

Port Forwarding

Depending on the routers (wireless or cable), the port forwarding can be different. A typical port-forwarding is shown below.


1. Press Window + R to open Run Window. Type cmd to open the command prompt. When command prompt appears, type ipconfig to view the default router internal address.

2. Open a web browser and enter the router address such as Normally, the Administrator Name and the Password will be necessary to continue. Please enter the Admin and the Password.


3. Go to the Port Forwarding Tab or Menu to forward the Game Port.

4. Add the Port Range from 9000 to 9500. And enter the Server Address, which is actually the internal (local) address of your computer. You can look up the local address by ipconfig. Please refer to setp 1.

Firewall Configuration

Normally, a firewall won’t allow a program for opening and accessing a port. Therefore, it is necessary to create an exception to the firewall settings so that the player can play the game.


1. Please go to Control Panel and look for the firewall.

2. Open the firewall.

3. Go to Exceptions Tab.

4. Add the Legend of Pagan Dynasty Game Server to the programs list.

5. Then add the game port.

Public IP Address Acquisition

After that, the player has to do the only final task: to acquire the public IP address. It is so simple. Just Google Search for IP Address, the Google Search will display your IP Address. Please remember this IP Address and Port Number, and the player will then need to email the server address and port number to other players who will connect to your LPD Game Server.

Game Server Configuration for LAN

For LAN Configuration, the game server configuration is simple. The player does not need to do additional configuration at all. The LPD Game Server will automatically display local server address and game port.

Game Server’s Local IP Address and Port Number

For LAN Game Configuration, the Local IP address is the same as LPD Game Server is displaying; however, for Internet Game Configuration, the IP Address has to be the public IP address.

If you encounter any problems related to game server configuration, please leave the message in the comment or you can email to the with the Subject: Server Configuration Problem. along with the screen-shots of the errors or descriptions.

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