How to start playing the game

How to start playing the game

In this tutorial, the basic game user interface and game mechanics will be explained. The players are encouraged to try and play to learn more about the game mechanics.


HUD (Head Up Display) Bottom Menu

HUD Bottom Menu will be the primary interface for the player to manage and control different game functions.

HUD Right Buttons

HUD Right Buttons are the short-cuts to the mostly used game functions, such as trade, alliance information and province information.

Kingdom’s Summary

Kingdom’s Summary Window will provide the player with the current status of the player’s kingdom, including Provinces, Military, Population, Allies and Enemies.

Population Window

Population Window will allow the player to control the division of tasks for the population, and to adjust the tax-rate.

Capital Window

Capital Window will allow the player to view and manage the infrastructure of a province.

Resources Window

Resources Window will allow the player to view and manage the resources of a province by importing and exporting.

Import and Export Window

Import and Export Window will allow the player to import the resources from other players; however, the player cannot trade with their warring kingdoms.

Construction Window

Construction Window will allow the player to build a specific building necessary for the infrastructure of a province. However, the player can only build a certain building only if he meets the requirements.

Military Window

Military Window will allow the player to train military units to defend and attack the provinces. Each military unit as different set of attributes. For example, a Swordman has higher damage than a Spearman, but the Spearman has more defense. Combining different military units can give different attacking power or defense power.

Score Window

Score Window can provide the summary information and scores of the other kingdoms. It can provide the glimpse of the status of the player against other players. However, the score of the kingdom will not attribute to the winning of the game. The ultimate goal of the game is to capture all the provinces. Therefore, a player can still win even though his scores are not as high as other players.

Message Window

Message Window will allow players to send short messages to other players.

Military and Diplomacy Actions

In addition to the functional windows, the battalions are also interactive game elements the player can move and deploy on the Game Map.


Deploying an army is simple; the player can drag and drop an army to the desired location on the map. The boundary of the territory an army can be deployed is highlighted.

Once an army is placed inside a foreign territory, a pop-up menu will display to select the specific military actions or to call off the army’s deployment.

A player can view the army’s information by right-clicking on the Army’s icon. The player can view not only his own armies but also other players’ armies.

In addition, the player can take diplomacy actions by right-click on the other player’s city icon on the map.


If you encounter any problems related to the Game User Interface or Game Mechanics, please leave the problem description in the comment, and please email it to with the Subject: Game Play Problem.

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